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Wood Chip Baler Machine

What is wood chip? Wood chip is a small chip of wood. It especially refers to ones which flakes off when felling a tree or splitting a log. Wood chipping is the process to make wood chips with a wood chipper. But how to deal with wood chip packaging? The wood chip baler machine can help.


Wood chip applications

Wood chip has many amazing uses. Below are some examples for reference:

  1. – Mulch

Wood chips can help your plants to retain water and stay warm. They also can suppress the growth of weeds in garden beds. So it is a good idea to spread a layer of wood chips over the garden.

  1. Composting material

Wood chips are great for building up the soil. Because they contain a great deal of carbon. You can add them to your compost as a carbon. They will break down as time goes by and enrich the dirt. So they help to have more nutritious for the plants.

  1. – Fuel

It is easy to know that wood chips can make great fuel just like other wood products.

  1. – Walkways

Wood chip is a good material for walkway substrate.

  1. – Decor

Wood chips can be used in the furniture construction and works of art.

  1. – Play area surface

Wood chips provide safe and nonslip surface.

  1. – Erosion control

You can use wood chips to create an erosion control barrier to prevent soil loss.


Wood chip making and bagging process

How to make wood chips? Many wood size reduction machines can help. Wood shredder especially wood chipper are most popular. The straight-forward design of wood chipper provides consistent chipping. So it is an efficient size reduction from a tree or wood log.

How to bag wood chips? Baling and bagging machine is an ideal one. You simply feed wood chips into the compressing chamber. The cylinder will push the materials to bale exit and make square wood chip bales for you. Then you can bag the bale for easy transportation and storage.


Wood chip baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three popular kind of wood chip baler machines. Vertical baling and bagging machine is suitable for limit space purchaser. Scale weighing baling and bagging machine is suitable for who need same weight bales. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is suitable for medium or large baling needs. It can equip with conveyor for easy material feeding.


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