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Steel Wire Strapping Dispensers

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• Decreases the risk of injury from steel strap cuts
• Sturdy and durable construction
• Easy to use and fully portable
• Built-on toolbox for added convenience and tidyness


The Steel Strapping Dispenser is used to hold steel coils to ensure the proper dispensing of steel straps, making the task of strapping easier and more convenient and eliminating much of the hassle. Sinobaler's Steel Strapping Dispenser features a built-on toolbox to hold multiple accessory tools involved in the strapping process such as crimpers, tensioners, seals and clips, allowing for easy access during the strapping task. Sinobaler's Steel Strapping Dispenser also significantly decreases the mishandling of steel strapping coils, minimalizing a major workplace safety hazard.



Material Iron
Size W500 x L1000 x H400mm
Weight 13kg
Inner size 406mm/200mm
Slats Width 16mm, 19mm, 32mm
Loading capacity 60kg
Lead time 7days

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