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Automatic Briquetting Press Machine

What is automatic briquetting press machine?

Automatic briquetting press machine is one kind of the horizontal baler machine. As we all know that, baler machine is available to press various kinds of materials like waste paper/cardboard/plastic , biomass material like sawdust/wood shavings/rice husk. With the pressing, the baler machine can make these loose material into regular bales. The regular bales can make the transportation and storage more convenient and also can save money in some aspects. The auto briquetting press machine is normally good at pressing sawdust, coco peat, aluminum cans, and oil filters etc.

Unlike the other types of baler machines, the most obvious feature of auto briquetting press machine is that the bales of such briquetting press machine is without tying. For most bale press machines, when we finish the pressing, we need to tie the bales with plastic straps/ropes, steel or plastic bags. The tying process can be manual or automatic. If we do not tie the bales, there will be a risk of falling apart for the bales. Also some bales even could not stand up without tying. But for auto briquetting press machine, it can press the material to a high density block. The bales of automatic briquetting press machine can stand up by it own without any tying.

What is the use of automatic briquetting press machine?

As we mentioned above, the automatic briquetting press machine can be used to press biomass material. But the automatic briquetting press could not handling all kinds of biomass material. Take rice husk for example, the automatic briquetting press machine could not press the rice husk since the shell of rick husk is very smooth. It gets apart very easily and it also not easy to form. For baling rice husk, you need to go for the bagging baler. Even for the material that can be handled, the automatic briquetting press machine also has requirement on the material if self. Take the sawdust for example, the moisture of the sawdust below 15% will be better.

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