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China Mini Balers

China mini balers feature with small footprint, easy operation, versatile materials applications and fast cycle time. Normally these mini balers have vertical compressing force and single cylinder. Operator focuses on material manual feeding, one button operation and bale wrapping. In a word, it is a small investment but considerable economic return.


The wide applications of China mini balers

Mini balers are suitable for packing versatile materials and can serve various industries. For example, waste paper, waste cartons, cardboard cartons, textiles, straw, plastic bottles, waste plastics, wool, rabbit hair, duck feather, wheat straw, tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.. They bring great benefits to the packaging, storage and transportation of these materials. Such convenience and labor cost saving bring considerable economic benefits to waste recycling.


The advantages of China mini balers

  1. Small footprint and height takes little space requirement and there is no special site foundation request. So you can simply install the machine in small warehouse or vessels. Also it is easy to move them from one place to another place. It is on-site use machine.
  2. Mini balers are mature products for most baler manufacturers. So the machine quality is more reliable and durable.
  3. Electrical control is for easy operation. One-button operation makes the whole baling process in an easy and efficient way. The smart models with convenient handling and good and reasonable appearance design are popular in the market.
  4. Adjustable bale height allows to achieve various bale size and weight.


Mini balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has typical mini balers for options. Small vertical mini balers are designed with small press of max. 20 tons. They can handle small volume of solid waste materials like cardboard, paper, textile, plastic bottles and other soft packaging materials. So they are quite suitable for some shopping malls with few large items or vessels with limited space and height. If you have drum press requirement, small vertical drum crushers are the best solution. Fully automated, intelligent and diversified balers are the future development. Contact SINOBALER for your ideal baler machines.


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