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Miscanthus Baler / Elephant Grass Baler Machine

What is Miscanthus and why you need a Miscanthus baler?

Miscanthus is also referred to as Elephant Grass. It is a large grass that can grow more than 3.5 meters tall in one growth season. It is a perennial plant which grows repeatedly every year without the need for replanting. Due to its advantages of high yielding, rapid growth, low maintenance and long lifespan, miscanthus has been popularly grown worldwide as a multi-purpose commercial crop. After miscanthus is harvested, they are usually chipped or baled to increase density and maximize storage and transportation. This is why you need a miscanthus baler machine.

Miscanthus has many useful applications in both energy and non-energy fields. It is predominantly used as biofuel in biomass power stations or co-firing at existing coal power stations to generate electricity, as well as in biomass boilers to generate heat. Besides the energy usage, miscanthus also makes an excellent low input game cover crop. It is also widely utilized as animal bedding material with an absorbency ability of three times more than wheat straw.

Miscanthus baler or elephant grass baler in SINOBALER

There is a wide range of both horizontal and vertical balers suitable for baling miscanthus, the recommendation of suitable baler is pretty much dependent on client’s specific bale size, bale weight and baling capacity requirement. But when it comes to baling chipped miscanthus which will be used for animal bedding, then the bagging balers offered by SINOBALER are ideal choices.

As a specialized hydraulic baling machine supplier in China, SINOBALER offers a wide selection of different types and sizes balers. If you are not sure which baler is best for you, please feel free to contact us. One of our sales representative will be gladly discussing your baling needs in detail and provide the optimal solution for you.


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