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Right Sized Baler Machine

In the market, you will find many baler manufacturers and suppliers with hundreds of baler model numbers. Each manufacturer may have their own system to manage the models and you are not easy to learn these model numbers well in short time. Also these baler options available and differences in the capacities of the balers are not easy to understand. So finding which baler is the right one or your business sometimes can be difficult. How to find a right sized baler quickly? SINOBALER shares some tips here for your easy reference.

Find a right sized baler for your waste recycling

Step1: prepare the necessary answers for your baling requirements. For example, what is your baling material? sometimes it is better to know the density and moisture of the original material. What is your ideal tying option? Manual or automatic? You can also choose your preferred tie material. The output, bale size and bale weight are key factors to decide the right sized baler. So you should know them well before making a purchase. The height or space of the baler installation should be considered if it is limited. Of course, financial budget is also a consideration when choosing different qualified balers. Finally please know well about your local power supply.

Step 2: choose a baler manufacturer who has rich experience in your material baling.

Step 3: How to find a right sized baler in a baler manufacturer’s product range? In most cases, people choose to contact the sales team from baler manufacturer through email, phone, online inquiry and message etc. This is very efficient and direct solution because the sale team is the opened widow from this manufacturer and they should know their own products well. We have reason to believe they will recommend the most suitable baler for us. But in SINOBALER, you have another efficient way to find your right baler. We have an online intelligent baler selection system to help our customers to find their suitable baler quickly.

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