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Aluminum Beer Cans Baler Machine / Aluminum Drink Cans Baler

Why we choose aluminum for beer cans packaging?

Aluminum beer cans is one of the most common way for the beer packaging. Every year people can create huge amount of aluminum beer cans waste. How to handle these large amount of waste in an efficient way? So aluminum beer cans baler is a good help in aluminum beer cans recycling. But you may have a question: why we choose aluminum for beer cans packaging? There are some good reasons for it:

  1. – Aluminum is the most valuable packaging material. Because it is light weighting and can be easily molded. Also people can have some marketable product advertising on the cans.
  2. – Aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth. So it is economical and practical container resource for beer, soda and other beverages.
  3. – Aluminum packaging can minimize breakage, reduce transportation and handling cost. Also it can safeguard public health, provide product and company information, and create consumer convenience.


Why we recycle aluminum beer cans?

Aluminum beer cans recycling has many benefits for the environment and our health.

  1. – Compared to aluminum mining and smelting, aluminum recycling consumes much less energy.
  2. – Aluminum recycling can save natural resource and make our life more sustainable. Because it uses limited natural resources in the best way.
  3. – Aluminum recycling can keep aluminum out of the landfill. Some materials deposited in landfill sites can have a detrimental impact on the environment over years.
  4. – If aluminum reprocessing does not damage its original structure, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely. So aluminum recycling is cost effective.
  5. – Aluminum cans are very easy to be recycled and made into new drink cans.


Aluminum beer cans baler machine or aluminum drink cans baler in SINOBALER

Empty aluminum beer cans or other drink cans occupy a lot of space. Aluminum beer cans baler machine or drink cans baler is especially ideal to compress these hollow materials into tight bales with a relatively high press force. SINOBALER vertical long stroke baler is very suitable for such hollow materials’ compacting purpose. For large amount of aluminum beer cans baling, our fully automatic baler is an ideal solution.


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