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Cardboard Balers Machine in Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is very familiar to us. Almost everyone uses or needs it in daily life. With the rapid development of online transactions, cardboard packaging is one of the most popular one in goods delivery. Of course, these cardboard packaging are one time consuming for most people. We all know cardboard can be recycled. But how to recycle them in an efficient and cost effective way. Different kind of cardboard balers are your size reduction solutions during the transportation and storage.


Cardboard recycling status in 2017

Most corrugated cardboard boxes are made of recycled materials. So cardboard recycling has many benefits to economy and environment. For example, the best paper pulp is made from softwood trees such as pine, spruce and fir. The recycling can save a lot of natural resources. Cardboard price changes regularly and it depends on the growing demand, supply chain and general economic inflation etc. The rising demand of boxes increases the cardboard price. These increases are happening industry-wide. For example, there are 57 companies in China increase the price of scrap cardboard. The maximized increase is RMB150/ton in Aug 2017. Normally there are 3 grades (that is A,B,C) for different quality level of cardboard. Each company quotes different price in A,B,C three levels.

We expect the demand will be higher in coming years. For example, we predict the use of e-commerce cardboard boxes will  increase year by year at a certain rate. The demand growth gives increasing pressure on the cardboard recycling by high recycle rates.


SINOBALER cardboard balers in cardboard recycling

SINOBALER has several type of cardboard balers in our product range for different level baling purpose. These cardboard balers can compress cardboard scraps into dense bales which makes your transportation much easier. In order to make much tighter bales, you can also choose to shred cardboard first with a cardboard shredder. Then you use cardboard baler to compress the shredded cardboard. Send an inquiry to SINOBALER for your unique baling requirements now.


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