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Cardboard Compactors

Cardboard waste is very familiar to us. All of us need it to protect our products from knocks and bumps during the storage or transportation. But how to handle these huge cardboard waste? Of course cardboard recycling is an ideal solution. Cardboard compactors as important size reduction machine in cardboard recycling save a lot space and cost in storage and transportation.


Cardboard introduction

Corrugated cardboard consists of external smooth sheets of cardboard and internal waved sheets of cardboard. The strength of the corrugated cardboard depends on the flute height and the flutes per meter. You can have different type of corrugated cardboard if the technical specification and usage is different. For example, there are 2-layer cardboard, 3-layer cardboard, 4-layer cardboard and 5-layer cardboard.


Cardboard compactors and cardboard scrap bales

Cardboard scrap can be all sizes of cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, and other cardboard packages. When these cardboard scraps are collected in a certain amount, cardboard compactors can compress the space occupied cardboard into dense bales. It saves a lot in space and is also very easy for transportation to paper mills. Cardboard bales have good price in the market because it is good materials to make new paper. High quality cardboard bales are very popular and also have much higher price. The bale size and weight can be tailored to better suit container or transportation cost saving purpose.


Cardboard compactors in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several kind of cardboard compactors to suit different size of baling output purpose. Vertical mill size baler is the most popular cardboard compactors if your baling amount is not too much. Manual-tie horizontal baler is better suitable for medium size baling output purpose. Fully automatic horizontal baler is very popular in large amount of baling output purpose. You can achieve 15 or more tons of OCC baling per hour. So just send us your inquiry now and our professional team will get what you want.


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