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Plastic Tray Baler Machine

What are plastic trays? Plastic trays are good solutions for storing food products and transporting goods from one place to another. This is because they are in different sizes, shapes and designs for different purposes such as lightweight design and easy stacking. When these large quantity of plastic strays are end of their service life, plastic tray recycling is the ideal solution for proper disposal. Then size reduction is the necessary step and luckily plastic tray baler and shredder are good machine to use.

How to recycle plastic trays?

First, collect these plastic trays. When large amount of plastic strays are available at your site, a plastic tray baler can help to compress the sizes into dense bales for easy handling and transportation to plastic recycling center.

Second, wash the plastic trays and remove any film lids and absorbent pads from plastic trays. If there are any cardboard or paper sleeves, please recycle them separately.

Third, shred the plastic trays and then grind them further to more smaller sizes.

Fourth, extrude the small size plastic trays to plastic pellets for new plastic product manufacturing.

Plastic tray baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as an experienced baler manufacturer, we provides a complete line of baling machines for all kinds of waste materials. For plastic tray baling, you can choose both vertical baler and horizontal baler for options. Heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, fully automatic baler and L-type twin ram automatic baler are all suitable for compressing plastic trays.

For different capacity requirement and bale density, you can always find the right plastic tray baler in our product range. Heavy duty dual ram baler is a high density vertical baler and it is quite good for facility where not too much materials are required to bale. Because it needs manual material feeding. If you have medium and even large size of materials waiting for baling, horizontal balers will be preferable because conveyor and other material feeding system are optional in this case. So just send SINOBALER your own plastic tray baling requirements, our professional SINOBALER team will find the best suitable baler for your within one working day.

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