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Wood Shavings Bagging Machine

What is a wood shavings bagging machine?

Wood shavings are good materials for animal bedding or used as mulch in gardening. It is a safe, clean and highly absorbent material. Since wood shavings are in a very loose and small particles, it is quite necessary to compress them into square bale and then pack the bale with a bag. In this case, wood shavings bagging machine is the right machine to go.


Advantages of using a wood shavings bagging machine

  1. High quality wood shavings bagging machine can deliver maximum performance with minimum downtime. So less maintenance cost is required. The investment of such a machine has good revenue return.
  2. This machine can produce clean, safe and dust-free bales. It is the ideal solution for processing wood shavings.
  3. The desirable bale size and bale weight can be achieved. It helps to transportation and bale selling.
  4. Easy and safe in operation. You can feed the materials manually or by a conveyor. Then you only need to wait at the bale exit for bagging.
  5. This machine can compress the wood shavings into dense bale and then bag the bale at the bale exit. So it is a baling and bagging machine which is perfect to meet your specific baling and packaging requirements.


Wood shavings bagging machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of wood shavings bagging machines for option. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine and scale weighing baling and bagging machine are both available. These two machines can compress loose wood shavings into high quality dense bales. Then you need to bag the bale with a bag at the bale exit. It is very easy to operate. For ideal bale size and bale weight, just send SINOBALER team your specific needs. Our team will recommend the most suitable machine for you. Or we will tailor the machine for your own needs.


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