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Bale Machine

Since baler is used to make compressed bales for different materials, we often received inquiries from customers who request bale machines. Why customer likes to call ‘baler’ as ‘bale machine’? Because bale machine can clearly show its function of making bales. The dense bales can make transportation and storage much easy and cost effective.

Bale machine in the market

Bales can be round or rectangular. The shape of the bales makes the different structure of the baler. Since baler is the effective size reduction machine to reduce the size of different materials, you can find different bale machines in different material names. For example, cardboard baling machine, paper baling machine, plastic bottle baling machine, plant fiber baling machine, tire baling machine, used clothes baling machine, wood shavings baling machine, hay or straw baling machine and even metal baling machines. Of course, bale machine can be either hydraulic bale machine or pneumatic bale machine. You can choose both vertical and horizontal baler machine for your own baling requirements.

Bale machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of hydraulic bale machines for choices. From mini manual vertical baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find the right baling machine. For different baling materials, you can choose the matched baler machines for options. For example, if you want to bale cardboard and paper waste, you can choose a right model from several cardboard balers with your own baling output, bale size and density requirements. Generally speaking, different material baling machine requires different structure machine to best achieve the optimized baling result.

Bale compressing can be either in vertical or horizontal. So both vertical bale machines and horizontal bale machines are available for same material. Take wood shavings for example, SINOBALER has three type of balers for options. vertical baling and bagging machine, scale weighing baling and bagging machine and heavy duty baling and bagging machine are all suitable. Vertical type machine is quite suitable for space limited facility. Scale weighing type machine can achieve the same bale weight. Heavy duty type machine is more popular for bigger baling output requirement.

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