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Hydraulic Scrap Baler Machine

Hydraulic scrap baler can be vertical hydraulic baler and horizontal hydraulic baler by classification. Most of these hydraulic balers have several baling applications. Some hydraulic balers have specific features to suit certain materials’ better baling. So what is the best baler for you? In a word, the baler which can produce your ideal bale size and weight in maximum number of bales per hour, is your best choice. Of course, it is very important that this baler is affordable for you.


Where you need a hydraulic scrap baler?

Different material recycling centers, distribution centers, supermarkets, manufacturing plants and even vessels are all need and willing to purchase a hydraulic scrap baler to reduce the size of materials. Because these end users can benefit savings of storage and transportation cost from using a hydraulic baler.


Hydraulic scrap baler manufacturers by regions

North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia as well as India are main manufacturing source of hydraulic balers. You can find HSM in Europe, Bramidan baler in UK, American baler and International baler in USA, Godswill baler and Techgene baler in Taiwan, and SINOBALER baler in China. All of these top brand balers are proven in excellent quality and professional service.


Hydraulic scrap balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of hydraulic scrap balers in our product range. From vertical baler to horizontal baler, from mini baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler, from single ram baler to two ram baler, from cardboard baler to tyre baler, you can always find your materials’ baling solutions here. For one kind of waste materials, you can have several selections. Take cardboard baler for example, mini cardboard baler is suitable for vessel because it requires little space. Mill size baler is quite good to supermarket’s warehouse because the purchase cost is competitive and baling output is enough there. Manual-tie horizontal cardboard baler is ideal for a cardboard recycling center. And large fully automatic horizontal cardboard baler is the right choice for large distribution center or recycling center.

So what you need do is only tell us your specific baling requirements and our professional team will do the right recommendation to you.


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