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New balers are typically baler used to bale various types of waste, such as office paper (OCC), cardboard, old newspaper (ONP), plastic (bottle, films, scraps), metal sheet, beverage cans. These new balers are made of steel with a hydraulic system to compress the loss material into a tight whole piece to stored and transported. Some specialize recycle plant and recycle company prefer to use new balers, since they need to handle tons of waste material per day. So they are willing to invest on the new baler machine for saving labor and improve production efficiency.

Why used balers are still popular?

Used balers, just as its name implies, are second hand balers. It has the same function as new balers. But the performance maybe not as well as the new balers as they are old. These used balers are always for sale and for rent on the market. The price of it of course will be lower than the new baler machine and very suitable for small business or internal waste disposal.

Balers are not only used in specialized recycle plant or company. It also used in other business such as pillow manufacturer, wood factory for internal waste disposal. During the production, there are always large quantity of waste material like plastic films, cartons, wood shavings, cottons need to be handle. Some factories will ask the professional recycling company to handle the production waste for them. But when the waste is in large quantity, it is not cost-effective to go for the professional recycle company since the service charge is very high. To rent or buy used balers will be more convenient for them to disposal the waste by themselves.

What is the difference between new baler machine and used baler machine?

As you know the new balers are very costly compared with the used balers. Not everyone in the recycle business can afford the price of new balers. Especially for the small recycle site or individual recycle business, which only have hundred kilos of waste material need to handle per day. It won’t be a cost-effective choice to purchase a new baler machine. So they can go for used balers. It is not only can meet their actual needs and also can save them money. There is another situation.

Compared to used baler or refurbished baler, new baler machine has more advantages. Normally it has less repairing cost, long warranty period and better after sales service. New balers and used balers both can solve your waste disposal problem. You can choose the new balers or used balers according to your needs.

New baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures new balers for all kinds of waste materials. Just simply tell us your specific baling requirements. Our professional sales and engineers will recommend you the most suitable baler machine within 24 hours.


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