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Solid Waste Compactor

Solid waste compactor, what are they?

What is a solid waste? Why we need a solid waste compactor?

Whatever things we throw out in the garbage are the one named as solid waste. It can be anything from a small needle to that of the rusted iron bars. They are the cause of the land pollution. But in reality, it is us who is the cause of pollution. So a solid waste compactor is helping us to recycle these solid waste in a more efficient and effective way.

What did we do?

The question is what you didn’t do? Instead of throwing out the waste, try to be a bit more responsible and eco-friendly. Send them to the solid waste compactor handlers and see the result.

A solid waste compactor?

There are specific machines available for recycling the waste materials and they are popular as the solid waste compactor. Based on the waste material they recycled they are classified as,

  • Plastic compactors.
  • Cardboard box compactors.
  • Metal compactors.

And much more. But they all have the same working principle and reason.

Plastic compactors:

As the name suggest, plastic solid waste compactor is specifically ideal for recycling  plastic wastes as they are the number one enemy against the fertility of the land and the non-degradable yet most used material. Plastic solid waste compactor comes in different shapes and sizes based on different plastic recycling requirements.

Cardboard box compactor:

Cardboard boxes waste don’t cause as much problem to the environment. But they are more space occupying when stored for a long time or transported to another place. With the help of the cardboard solid waste compactor, they are crushed and baled to tight bales which are much easier for storage and transportation.

Metal compactors:

The metal compactor is one of the best money earning waste recycling machines other than the plastic one. The metals like irons and aluminum scrap usually have a price even if they are rusted and a decade old. The demand for this metal solid waste compactor is high as they require more powerful and effective engines.

Apart from these popular solid waste compactors, there are rubber compactors which are also available in reducing and recycling of rubber materials like tires and tubes. Textile compactors are available in textile waste recycling such as used clothes, cotton yarn, rags and carpets. Plant fiber compactors are available in plant fiber recycling such as coconut fiber. Hay and straw compactors can compress hay or straw. Wood shavings compactors can compact wood shavings, sawdust and rice husks.

How much will they cost?

Based on the usage and demand, the compactor rate will differ. But a genuine one will always be a bit costlier than the normal one. But then again, there are good deals and offers available online and in stores, check out before considering a machine.

What about those DIY solid waste compactors?

Normally each solid waste compactor manufacturers has their own standard models for regular baling needs. If you have specific baling requirements, you can contact them and tell them your waste materials, expected bale size , bale weight as well as output requirements, they will tailor the solid waste compactor for you.


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