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Wool Tops Baler Machine

How to make wool tops? After wool is scoured or washed, combed and sorted, you can get the long fiber which is also popular as tops and it is in a form ready for spinning. The spinning fibers are parallel and they are best suitable for worsted or semi-worsted spinning. So you can find wool top coat is quite popular in the market. When you have large amount of wool tops waiting for handling, a wool tops baler is the ideal solution to reduce its size and make the transportation easy.

wool tops baling

Worsted yarns use wool tops or long fibers to produce smooth yarns. For example, suits use such smooth yarns. Semi-worsted yarns are between woollen and worsted yarns but they are without combing stage in worsted processing. For example, upholstery, socks and knitwear use such yarns. When the wool tops are stacked, it is time to bale them for storage space saving and more efficient transportation. Also it is good idea to sell wool tops in bales directly.

SINOBALER wool tops baler

You can choose either hydraulic vertical wool tops baler or horizontal wool tops baler from SINOBALER. We have several type of suitable machine to bale wool tops. Lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler and even L-type two ram automatic baler are all very suitable for wool tops baling purpose. If you want to get a wool tops bale with a bag packaging, our scale weighing bagging baler, heavy duty baling and bagging machine, and vertical bagging baler are also the right way to go. If you want to keep wool tops clean and pack them in a bag, lifting chamber design balers are the best choice. So just send SINOBALER team your individual wool tops baling requirements. Our professional team will tailor your case and recommend the most suitable baler for you within 24 working hour.

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