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Cotton Mesh Baler Machine

Why we need cotton mesh baler?

Cotton mesh baler is a compactor which used for baling cotton mesh. Cotton mesh is a common textile material, mainly used in the production of clothing, accessories and so on. It’s known for its characteristic screen-like weave. Cotton mesh is a volume taking material. Because its design is with holes like fish net and the material itself is very fluffy. These characteristics make cotton mesh not convenient for storage and transportation. It needs much more space and the transportation cost is much higher compared with other textile material like cotton cloth, acrylic fibers, etc. Cotton mesh baling press machine provides the perfect solution for cotton mesh. If we press the cotton mesh before transportation with cotton mesh baling machine, it can reduce 1-2 times the original space and therefore save the shipping cost.


How to choose cotton mesh baler?

  1. – Height limitation of your workshop

Cotton mesh baler can be vertical type or horizontal type by appearance. It is obvious that the vertical type needs more space in height direction and horizontal type needs more space in length. If the maximum height of your workshop is only 3 meters, you can consider the horizontal type.

  1. – Output requirement

Each type of cotton mesh baler also can be in different models by different sizes, press forces, etc. Every model of cotton mesh baler has different capacities. Output is often the most important consideration when choosing the machine.

  1. – Bale weight and bale size requirement

The ultimate goal of using cotton mesh baler is to reduce the volume and put as much material as possible into a specific space. For example, you might expect to load 18 tons of cotton mesh into a 20’GP container. Then you have to calculate some reasonable numbers for how many bales can be loaded into a 20’GP container, which bale size can maximize utilization, etc.. Based on those data, you can check the performance of each cotton mesh baler and find the most suitable model for your project.


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