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Pneumatic Strapping Tools

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• Cutting blade is made of special steel, increasing durability and cutting power
• Air-powered rather than electrically-powered for cost-saving energy efficiency
• High-powered action makes the task of strapping simple and easy
• Environmentally-friendly pneumatic power


Sinobaler's Pneumatic Strapping Tool is used to join PET/PP Straps when strapping compacted bales. With a friction weld joint, the Pneumatic Strapping Tool is lightweight, durable and efficient, providing a quick and hassle-free strapping process. The use of Sinobaler's Pneumatic Strapping Tool ensures that PET/PP Straps will be uniform and fastened close to the surface so that compacted material will not come loose or drop out during storage or transportation. The Pneumatic Strapping Tool requires air pressure created by an air compressor, and Sinobaler recommends the Silent Oil-Free Air Compressor as an efficient, cost-effective solution.



•  Strapping material: PET or PP •  Strapping width: 13-19mm •  Strap thickness: 0.5-1.5mm •  Max Binding constrictive Force: 3500N •  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa •  Machine Weight: 3.8kg •  Machine Size: 280×160×180mm •  Package: 0.008cbm/5kgs

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