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Hand Hydraulic Stacker

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• Sturdy Construction • Extended and widened base legs for good stability • Longer handle for easier lifting • Reinforced hydraulic cylinder for stable performance and cold resistance • Quick and powerful lifting, can lift to a height of 1.6-3 meters, with multiple height options Operation • Strengthened and reinforced transmission chain • Adjustable fork width to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes • Front dual-wheel design for easier pushing and pulling • Dual foot brakes for secure locking in position


A hand hydraulic stacker, often referred to as a manual stacker or a manual forklift, is a versatile and essential material handling equipment designed to efficiently lift, transport, and stack palletized loads within various industrial and warehouse settings. Unlike traditional forklifts that are powered by engines, a hand hydraulic stacker relies on manual hydraulic pumping to lift and lower loads. This cost-effective and ergonomic tool plays a crucial role in optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity by enabling workers to handle heavy loads with precision and ease. Hand hydraulic stackers are versatile and essential tools that find applications across a wide range of industries, playing a critical role in material handling, storage, and distribution operations. Their flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency make them indispensable assets for businesses aiming to streamline their logistics and maximize productivity.   Quick links: Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks


1. Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Hand hydraulic stackers are extensively used in warehouses and distribution centers for lifting and moving palletized loads to and from storage racks or delivery areas. They facilitate efficient loading and unloading of goods. 2. Retail and Grocery Stores: Retail outlets and grocery stores employ stackers to organize and transport pallets of goods, enabling easier restocking and arrangement of merchandise on shelves. 3. Manufacturing Facilities: In manufacturing settings, stackers are utilized to move raw materials, intermediate products, or finished goods within the production floor, optimizing workflow and assembly processes. 4. Logistics and Freight Handling: Hand hydraulic stackers play a vital role in logistics and freight handling, aiding in the loading and unloading of pallets onto trucks and containers for transportation. 5. Storage Facilities: Storage facilities, including cold storage units and self-storage warehouses, use hand hydraulic stackers to efficiently manage inventory and organize storage spaces. 6. Construction Sites: Hand hydraulic stackers are utilized at construction sites to handle and move construction materials such as bricks, cement bags, and other heavy items to different levels. 7. Retail Distribution Centers: Retail distribution centers utilize stackers for order picking, pallet stacking, and organizing goods for dispatch to various retail outlets.


Lifting Height 1600mm
Loading Capacity 1000kgs, but max. 800kgs when at the highest position
Length of Fork 1150mm

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