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Electric Strapping Tools

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• Battery-powered and completely wireless, eliminating space constraints
• Straps quickly and efficiently
• Easy to operate and transport
• Low energy consumption, saving in energy costs


The Electric Strapping Tool is an independent device powered by a rechargeable battery, used to join PET/PP Straps when strapping compacted bales. Sinobaler's Electric Strapping Tool efficiently tightens, friction buckles and straps automatically with the push of a button. The Electric Strapping Tool is fast, safe, simple and environmentally-friendly, greatly improving efficiency.



•  Strapping material: PET or PP •  Strapping width: 12-16mm •  Strap thickness: 0.5-1.0mm •  Battery: 2.4A. 12V •  Change time: 60minutes •  Dimension: 375*130*140mm •  Net weight: 3.9kgs •  Package: 0.01cbm/5kgs

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