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Shredding Fans

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• Sturdy and resilient construction
• Large working capacity
• Large air flow
• High suction power
• Reliable, high-quality performance
• Can transmit paper pieces over a long distance, increasing working efficiency and saving time


The Shredding Fan is a machine which continuously sucks in and shreds scraps of waste cardboard or paper, further trimming them down to much smaller pieces for increased ease and efficiency in compacting with a horizontal baler. Paper or cardboard scraps are sucked into the Shredding Fan and are then delivered into the Cyclone where the small waste pieces are dropped into the horizontal baler for compacting. This process produces bales which are neat and compact, making the Shredding Fan an essential component of a waste paper disposal solution for paper or cardboard manufacturers.



•  Feeding mouth: 700mm •  Motor power: 30kw •  Rotate speed: 2930rotate/minute •  Blowing rate: 7394m3/hour •  Blowing pressure: 4066-5534Pa •  Connecting pipe (square mouth): 250 x 300mm •  Connecting pipe (round mouth): 252mm •  Application: for cutting cardboard/paper into smaller pieces

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