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Cooling Tower

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• Low energy consumption means a low operating cost • Small carbon footprint, environmentally-friendly • Safe and easy to operate and maintain • Highly durable with a long service life


When using Sinobaler’s Automatic Horizontal Baling Machine for your recycling jobs, an air cooling system or water cooling system will be installed to cool down the machine’s air temperature. We recommend water cooling for machines operating above 80 tons of pressure force to ensure a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The Cooling Tower is an absolutely necessary component of a water cooling system. It works by taking advantage of the heat exchange between water and oil in the water cooler component of the baler. The water cooler reduces the oil temperature and then the surrounding air cools the water. Both the water cooler and cooling tower contain a water inlet and outlet, as well as water transfer pipes between them. When the water levels have dropped below the required level, a water charging system will automatically refill the water in the cooling tower. The Cooling Tower is typically installed outdoors in close proximity to the baler. There are different capacities of Cooling Towers to choose from. Once we know the exact model of your baler and your ambient temperature range, our professional engineering team can work out a complete proposal for your business.


•  Refrigeration storage, air conditioner •  Manufacturing and machining •  Mechanical operation cooling •  Other fields


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