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Fiber Condenser

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• Significantly increase the efficiency of loading fiber material into baling machine • Dust generated from the fiber meanwhile gets exhausted


In textile mills, there are many cases in which it is necessary to convey fibers between different machines. Conveying of fiber is generally done through ductwork which are thin-walled metal pipes. Blowing fans produce air pressure that moves the fiber through the ducts. When the fiber reaches the delivery point, it is necessary to separate the air from the fiber so the fiber can fall by gravity into the next machine in the process. This is where a fiber condenser comes into play. The fiber condenser can separate pneumatically conveyed fibrous material from the conveying air stream. With the air separated, the fiber can smoothly drop down into the next machine for further processing.


The fiber condenser is widely applied in fiber processing facilities, including those that process natural fiber like cotton, wool, etc, and also those that process artificial fiber. When material blown from ducts is supposed to be fed into a baler for making bales, a condenser is very necessary to be installed between the duct and the baler to facilitate these light fiber to quickly drop into the chamber of the baler. The condenser can be connected with various types of balers including horizontal automatic balers, semi-automatic horizontal balers and even vertical balers.


Model TSFA050 TSFA070
Output (kg/hour) 700 ~ 900  700 ~ 900
Machine Width (mm) 1070 1070
Dia. of Dust Cage (mm) 500 700
Power (kw) 3 4
Machine Weight (kg) Approx. 450 Approx. 600
Overall Dimension (L * W * H mm) 1434 * 1170 * 1611 1724 * 1170 * 1807

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