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Plastic Bottle Grinder

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• Special refined blades which are durable and replaceable
• Small footprint saves valuable floor space
• Motor overloading protector and interlock device, ensuring safety for both motor and operator
• Cost-effective
• Easy to use and maintain
• Stepped blade design makes for exceptionally strong crushing force


The Plastic Bottle Grinder is used for crushing plastic bottles of all varieties into small, manageable pieces. This high-pressure device uses advanced technology to ensure that hollow plastic bottles will be crushed and flattened sufficiently. The Plastic Bottle Grinder ensures that plastic bottles will not jump or skip in order to maximize crushing efficiency. This machine uses an automatic conveying system, significantly reducing man power to further improve efficiency, making the Plastic Bottle Grinder a necessary device in the process of plastic bottle recycling.


Any plastic bottle recycling facilities or internal waste management.


Model PS-C-M-1823 PS-C-M-2231 PS-C-M-2541 PS-C-M-3051 PS-C-M-3261 PS-C-M-4082
Power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 30kw
Quantity of rotating blades 6pcs 9pcs 12pcs 15pcs 18pcs 24pcs
Quantity of fixed blades 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Main shaft speed 617r/min 617r/min 650r/min 627r/min 576r/min 576r/min
Rotor diameter Ø225mm Ø240mm Ø270mm Ø280mm Ø350mm Ø400mm
Screen size Ø8mm Ø8mm Ø10mm Ø10mm Ø10mm Ø10mm
Machine weight 250kg 290kg 420kg 550kg 750kg 1700kg
Size of feeding inlet(mm) 250*160 320*200 420*220 520*300 620*270 820*500
Demension(L*W*H mm) 680*950*1025 750*1000*1180 870*1070*1310 1000*1360*1440 1100*1300*1530 1400*1910*2180

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