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Bottle Perforating Machine

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• High output and low energy consumption • Large working capacity greatly improves throughput and operational efficiency • Reduces bale size and likelihood of straps breaking or warping • Can perforate empty or full plastic bottles with or without caps on • Can perforate plastic bottles up to 3.78 litre


The Bottle Perforating Machine is a machine designed to punch holes in plastic bottles using internal spikes before they are compacted by a baler in order to release any potential air from a bottle. After the plastic bottles are perforated, they can be compacted effectively into more homogeneous, more compact and heavier bales. The Bottle Perforating Machine removes the risk of bales exploding from a pressure increase from the leftover air in some compacted bottles, as well as the risk of straps or ties snapping due to the same pressure. The Bottle Perforating machine is absolutely essential to the plastic bottle compacting process. This bottle perforating machine has upgraded by widening the distance between two shafts of the machine and lengthening the tapered needles to 8 cm.  This feature has enabled the perforator cannot only perforate small plastic bottles such as 500ml or 1litre, but can also perforate bigger HDPE containers sufficiently.



Perforating Roller Length 1600mm
Perforating Roller Diameter 400mm
Rotate Speed 1450r/min
Motor Siemens/Beide
Electrical Element Schneider
Power 11kw
Capacity 2000kg/h
Weight approx. 2330kgs
Machine Dimension 2000 x 1000 x 2200mm
Suitable Material PE/PP/PET/PVC
Feeding Mouth 1800 x 1200mm
Lead Time 40 days
MOQ 1 set
Package 2580kgs/9.92cbm

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