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PET/PP Strapping Dispenser

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• Sturdy, durable construction
• Built-on toolbox is convenient and helps to maintain an organized workplace
• Easy to move around and use in any location
• Can be used with either PET or PP strap


Sinobaler's PET/PP Strapping Dispenser is used to hold PET or PP Strap coils to ensure proper dispensing of the straps, making the job of strapping easier and more convenient for the operator. The PET/PP Strapping Dispenser also prevents tangling and helps to maintain a neat and tidy working environment. Sinobaler's PET/PP Strapping Dispenser is composed of a steel frame and durable rubber wheels to ensure proper functioning and longevity even in poor environments. Sinobaler's dispenser is mobile and has a handy built-on toolbox, improving efficiency by saving space, manpower and resources. The PET/PP Strapping Dispenser is an extremely useful secondary tool for use with vertical baling machines.



•  Dimension: 420 x 635 x 1000mm •  Inner Dia.: 200mm •  Material: Iron •  Loading capacity: 70kgs •  Net weight: 12kgs •  Package: 0.1cbm/13kgs

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