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Heavy Duty Double Shaft Shredder

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• Siemens motor guarantees high quality and longevity • Slow speed high-torque operating ensures efficient and thorough shredding of all materials • Heavy and robust construction • Low power consumption and low noise • Simple and easy to use and maintain • Fully automatic operation


This dual-motor double shaft shredder is made up of a top-loading hopper and two shaft shredders with rotary blades, driven by electrical motor. The whole operation is automatically carried out from a PLC control console. This shredder is perfect for shredding all kinds of soft metals, rubber, plastic materials into small shredded pieces which are easy to bale. Once the material is loaded into the hopper and the hooks of the blades catch the material, they are automatically pulled through the shredder. The strong cutters are capable of shredding through many kinds of materials, even if they are large in size or quantity These shredders are useful devices in recycling area, and can be used as pre-processing prior to final processing. They can be custom designed to provide your operation with the shredding capacity it requires.



Model PS-D-32120 PS-D-2160
A (Length of shredder) 3680 mm 2590 mm
B (Width of shredder) 1990 mm 1260 mm
C (Width of feed opening) 1204 mm 604 mm
D (Length of feed opening) 776 mm 510 mm
E (Length between two feet) 1410 mm 650 mm
H (Height of feed opening) 2370 mm 2000 mm
Rotor Diameter Φ430 mm φ284 mm
Main Shaft Speed 15 r/min 15 r/min
Rotor-knives 25 pcs 30 pcs
Thickness of Blade 40 mm 20 mm
Main Motor Power 22+22 kw 5.5+5.5 kw
Weight 7000 kg 2200 kg
Electrical Equipment Siemens/Schneider Siemens/Schneider/Delixi
PLC Siemens Siemens
Capacity About 750kg/h About 300kg/h

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