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Cardboard Shredder

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• Integrated with feed conveyor and blowing system, compact and cost effective
• High-resistant blades are utilized, minimizing the frequency of blades replacement
• Easy replacement for blades
• High operation safety, complying with CE standard


This cardboard shredder is specially used for shredding pieces of cardboard into smaller scrap of approx. 10 x 10cm, so as to allow cyclone system to suck the material into a baling machine or compaction. Small sized shreds greatly increase baling  productivity and meanwhile makes better shaped bales compared to baling big pieces of cardboard. For facilities especially like carton production plants , it is necessary to install such equipment to shred the defective cardboards into small shreds, and then blow the shreds into baling machine to bale it along with other paper trim & offcut generated in carton production line.
This equipment is composed with a conveying belt, a shredder device as well as a blower fan together with a noise deadener, to receive material, shred, and deliver output material in one integrated machine. Not like traditional cardboard cutting machine, this shredding machine is not only user friendly but also of high operation safety.
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Cardboard(OCC), cartons etc.


Model PS-S-1450CS
Max. Shredding Width 1450 mm
Shredding Thickness 50-120mm
Final Shred Size (approx.) 100 x 100mm
Capacity (approx.) 2000kgs/hr
Rotor Speed 380 r/min
Conveying Motor 2.2 KW
Shredding Motor 22 KW
Blower Fan Included
Noise Deadener Included
Blowing Motor 18.5 KW
Weight 3100kgs

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